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Carol Brass flugelhorn CFL-6200-RSS-L (English Version)




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Are you looking for a fantastic flugelhorn with a very warm sound and very good playing qualities? Then let the flugelhorns of Carol Brass surprise you! This brand makes  flugelhorns of a very high quality. These flugelhorns are known for their excellent tuning and playing comfort. They are delivered with 2 leadpipes, so you can always use all mouthpieces. This flugelhorn has a Redbrass bell, which makes the sound even rounder and fuller than with Goldbrass.

Do you want more information and pictures of this instrument? Then take a look at the website of CarolBrass.


  • Key: Bb
  • Bore size: S (0.433"; 11.0mm)
  • Bell material: R (90% Red brass), soldered wire rim
  • Bell size: S (Standard)
  • Bell thickness: S (0.040"; 1.0mm)
  • Bell diameter: 5.98"(152.0mm)
  • Finish: L (Lacquer)
  • Leadpipe material: Yellow brass
  • Tuning slide material: Inner Yellow brass / Outer Nickel silver
  • 3rd tuning slide with wooden trigger
  • Black leather-like hard case
  • CarolBrass® 3C FL mouthpiece
  • Polish cloth
  • La Tromba T2 valve oil
  • Ultra Pure tuning slide lube
  • Small shank mouthpiece
  • User booklet


This instrument comes with 3 years warranty and is fully checked before delivery.

Want to know if this instrument is in stock? Feel free to call, Whatsapp or mail us. Of course you are also welcome in our physical shop to test the instrument. Also check out our other CarolBrass flugelhorns!


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