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CarolBrass trumpet CTR-3250H-GSS (English Version)





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Are you looking for a fine trumpet for beginning and advanced trumpet players? Then this CarolBrass CTR-3250-H is something for you! CarolBrass is known for its high quality at a very attractive price. This trumpet is no exception.
The CTR-3250H-GSS is a trumpet that will do well in music lessons, but also comes into its own in brass bands, big bands and as a performance trumpet. The main difference with the CTR-3200H-YSS is the material. The bell and leadpipe of this trumpet is made of Goldbrass instead of Yellowbrass, which gives it a much warmer sound. This is a very good all-round trumpet which, in terms of sound and playing, has characteristics that were only available to much more expensive instruments up to now.

Do you want to know more about this instrument or to see more photos? Please take a look on the CarolBrass website!


  • Bb tuning
  • Finish: lacquered with nickel silver details
  • Bore 0.460 in (11.70 mm)
  • Material: Yellow Brass
  • Material leadpip: Gold Brass
  • Material cup: Gold Brass
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Standard water valves
  • Fixed ring on trigger
  • Thumb ring on first valve
  • Right-handed
  • 7c mouthpiece
  • Deluxe hard case
  • 3-year warranty


This instrument comes with 3 years warranty and is fully checked before delivery.

Want to know if this instrument is in stock? Feel free to call, Whatsapp or mail us. Of course you are also welcome in our physical shop to test the instrument. Also check out our other CarolBrass trumpets!


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